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At Squatch, we understand your bike occasionally requires some professional attention. If you have any questions, about what we can do for you, please give us a call or drop by to discuss your needs. Some of our most popular services include:


Suspension fork overhaul

Drivetrain cleaning 

Complete bike build 

Adjustment to brakes and shifting

Lubrication to the chain, derailleur pivots, and brake pivots

Tire inflation

Inspection, alignment, and adjustment to handlebar, stem bolts, as well as all bolts and mounting hardware

Cleaning of the frame

Realignment of the derailleur hanger

Truing, dishing, and retention to one or both wheels

Adjustment to the bottom bracket, headset, and hub bearing   

Cleaning, greasing, and adjustment to the bottom bracket, front and rear hubs, and head set

Bleeding and adjustment to disc brakes

Replacement of the shifter and brake cables

Inspection and properly tension of all bolts and hardware

Thorough cleaning of entire frame and parts

Cleaning of the caliper and pistons

Bleeding and filling brakes with high grade brake fluid (included)

Cleaning of pads and rotor 




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