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At Squatch Bikes we know service.  We offer any level of repair from the most basic bike tune up, all the way up to the most custom and boutique builds.  Our skilled and experienced mechanics can take care of your bike in a timely fashion for a reasonable price.  Everything done is first come first serve and in most cases your bike can be back to you same day.  We understand many of you are here on vacation and will do our best to get you right back on the trail quickly.  Please feel free to call with any repair, upgrade, or tuning questions, however the best way to get the correct answer is to bring the bike directly in for a free evaluation and quote.  Some of our more popular services include;


  • Basic derailleur adjustment
  • Suspension set up and/or full tune
  • Brake bleeds/adjustment
  • Custom wheel builds of any type
  • Fork and shock service
  • Bike washing
  • Cockpit setup
  • Any parts upgrade you can come up with
  • Bolts checks
  • Pivot bearing service
  • The dreaded de-creaking of bike
  • Bike boxing and packing for shipping
  • Full bike wash
  • Cable and housing replacement
  • Anything else you may have managed to damage on your bike!


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